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2.54 - CoreData release

It’s been a busy fall for us on the CoreData product and development team so we'd like to present the latest product updates in CoreData release v.2.54.

We are very excited about this new product release (v2.54) and believe that some of these new features and improvements will enhance the businesses of our clients. 

If you have any questions or comments please reach out to us at

Here’s what’s new: 

Use secure access with E-Identification

Mobile ID is designed to ensure secure online identification and allows your employees, clients, and vendors to use mobile phones as a form of secure digital ID.  Now, through a partnership with Dokobit, CoreData offers the ability to securely prove your identity online by using your mobile ID in 9 European countries and many more countries will follow.

Project comment notifications will keep you in the loop

Timely communication is of utmost importance in an organization. Therefore, CoreData introduces comment notifications on the project level. So from now on, you can keep a responsible person or the associated team members notified about the project status. 

Image export

Do you want to turn images, that you have stored, into data that you can edit in Excel? With the new CoreData Image Export feature, it’s a snap.

Register your files with a correct and complete info 

We are always serious about receiving input from our customers and then using it to constantly improve CoreData. This update is proof of that. Our record managers asked us to improve the copying of email attachment files directly to the CoreData system. So now user can complete file info during the registration process. 

Required fields

The Required fields feature is one of the many useful features of the new CoreData product release. It allows you to select which data fields should be mandatory while adding or editing a project, file, task, or contact. Setting up and editing the Required fields can only be done by Admin users.

Other noteworthy updates:

  • Client-specific or third-party API extensions and  integrations 

  • Naming convention updates

  • Updates and minor bugfixes

Lastly, we’d appreciate your feedback on our product email updates. Please let us know what’s working well or what you’d like to see improved. Thanks for your time, and have a great rest of the day!

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