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2.55 - CoreData release

As we reach the last month of 2020, we’d like to wrap up this year with a couple of exciting product updates we have prepared for our Clients. 

If you have any questions or comments please reach out to us at

Here’s what’s new: 

Breadcrumbs make navigation easier  

We introduce hierarchy-based breadcrumbs to our product! Breadcrumbs are a secondary navigation system that helps users easily understand their location and orientation when in a CoreData file or project space. Now users can see, while viewing the file, the exact location(s) where the file has been stored, in which project, folder, or space.

Extended User Capabilities

At CoreData we always like to listen and receive our Clients’ comments and questions, therefore we have decided to upgrade the overall CoreData experience with a couple of new enhancements. Now, our users are able to perform some of the old activities in a smarter and faster way. With this update, users will need one click less to open a file or a folder. 

Also, you can copy a file attachment directly from your e-mail to a project on CoreData. 

Hope you’ll enjoy these small improvements!

E-signing – simple, faster, better document signing process  

We’ve already announced our partnership with Dokobit, the biggest electronic signature solutions provider, also based in Iceland, enabling e-signing and e-identification in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Iceland, Poland, Finland, Belgium, Portugal, and Spain (with more countries to follow.)

In our previous product update (v2.54), we launched a secure online identification feature that allows your employees, clients, and vendors to use mobile phones as a form of a secure digital ID in 9 European countries.

In this product update (v2.55) we are extending CoreData capabilities to support document e-signing that will allow your users to sign documents directly through CoreData. No more meetings merely for paper document singing. This improves the user experience of your employees, clients, and partners and simplifies document singing in many senses: from cost saving to the prevention of forgery. 

Lastly, we’d appreciate your feedback on our product email updates. Please let us know what’s working well or what you’d like to see improved.  

To all our dear clients, partners, and their families across the globe, we wish you all, peace and hope at Christmas and a new year full of better days.

Warmest wishes for a happy holiday season from all of us at CoreData!

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